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PostHeaderIcon Back Porch Compost Tumblers – Selecting the Right One

You have decided to do your part for the environment by starting to make your own compost, but you’re faced with space constraints. One of the best solutions to overcome this issue is to buy a small back porch compost tumbler. When you are deciding which compost tumbler to buy, you should consider the aesthetic aspect as well. It ought to be attractive enough to be placed anywhere without having you to consider if it will be an eyesore to others. Of course, you have to consider its durability too. You wouldn’t want to keep changing your compost tumbler just because it is not lasting.

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Back Porch Compost Tumblers – Selecting the Right One

PostHeaderIcon Where Should You Put Your Composting Tumbler?

For practical reasons, most people would place their composting tumbler near their garden or kitchen. To encourage composting, it helps to have the composting tumbler placed at a convenient location tat makes it effortless to recycle your organic waste. Besides close proximity, what other considerations should you take into account when deciding on the position of your composting tumbler? Read on to discover more pointers on composting.

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Where Should You Put Your Composting Tumbler?

PostHeaderIcon Should You Be Composting?

A home owner can utilize a compost bin or pile to decrease the amount of trash they are discarding. An additional advantage is that they are creating fertilizer for their potted plants or vegetable garden. Given that compost bins need green food (grass clippings) and brown food (organic waste) you can gather up clippings from your yard and toss them in your bin as well.

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Should You Be Composting?

PostHeaderIcon Optimal Placement of the Compost Pile

You know the benefits of composting and have thoughts of making your own compost but you are unsure where to place your compost pile. Should the compost pile be placed in the shade or under direct sunlight? Where should you position your compost pile to avoid having your garden look unsightly?

There are several things to consider when deciding where to put this heap of rotting material for optimal conditions. Discover more tips and advice on composting as you read more of this article.

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Optimal Placement of the Compost Pile

PostHeaderIcon Common Compost Misconceptions Debunked

Composting has many benefits, both to the environment and to your garden plants. Nonetheless, there are still certain groups of people who are adverse to the idea of composting, simply because of some misconceptions about composting. You must have heard of one or more of the following comments about composting:

  • Compost pile stinks
  • Compost pile attracts rodents and other scavengers
  • Compost piles are unsightly
  • Compost piles require a lot of maintenance

Misconceptions arise when people lack understanding in the subject. Let us once and for all debunk some common misconceptions about composting. Read on to get the truth about composting.

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Common Compost Misconceptions Debunked