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PostHeaderIcon Should You Be Composting?

A home owner can utilize a compost bin or pile to decrease the amount of trash they are discarding. An additional advantage is that they are creating fertilizer for their potted plants or vegetable garden. Given that compost bins need green food (grass clippings) and brown food (organic waste) you can gather up clippings from your yard and toss them in your bin as well.

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Should You Be Composting?

PostHeaderIcon Optimal Placement of the Compost Pile

You know the benefits of composting and have thoughts of making your own compost but you are unsure where to place your compost pile. Should the compost pile be placed in the shade or under direct sunlight? Where should you position your compost pile to avoid having your garden look unsightly?

There are several things to consider when deciding where to put this heap of rotting material for optimal conditions. Discover more tips and advice on composting as you read more of this article.

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Optimal Placement of the Compost Pile

PostHeaderIcon Factors That Affect The Natural Process Of Composting

Composting is an art that takes time to master. Most people are aware of the benefits of composting, in terms of its impact to the environment and its uses in gardening. To a newbie, composting may seem confusing initially – how to make compost, what should go into the compost pile, where should the compost bin be placed…etc. To have better success at composting, you must have an understanding of what composting is all about and the factors that affect the natural process of composting.

Compost is a key ingredient in organic gardening. As basic and natural as it is, there are a few key environmental factors that affect the speed of the composting process, and the quality of the end product. Food, air, moisture, temperature, particle size, and volume are all key factors that affect composting.

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