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PostHeaderIcon Garden Soil (Part 2) – What is Good Soil and How to Improve Soil Health?

Previously, we talked about the composition of soil, its functions and the different soil textures. Loamy soil has the most ideal texture and is the best soil you can ever ask for in gardening. If you have missed our earlier post, click here to read more about the basics of garden soil.

Create healthy soil with compost and organic fertilizers

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One of the basic requirements for having a bountiful harvest is to have quality, good soil. Healthy, good soil is determined by the soil structure and soil fertility. Fertile soil has abundant nutrients and a suitable pH value to create the best environment for plants to thrive. It should contain essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. Nitrogen boosts leaf growth while phosphorous is vital to root growth and the overall health of the plant. Apart from nitrogen and phosphorous, healthy soil should also contain trace elements such as calcium and magnesium.

The pH level of soil refers to its acidity or alkalinity. Plants can be fussy living things and it is not uncommon to find each plant having its own preferred pH value. Planting your vegetables (or other types of plants) into fertile, healthy soil will yield good crops, if other conditions like lighting and climate are favorable too.

Soil texture also plays a part in determining the health level of soil. Previously, we have learned that loamy soil is the best for gardening. Loamy textured soil retains nutrients well and has the right drainage system for water and air to permeate through.

How to Improve Soil Health

To improve soil health, you have to learn how to create healthy soil. If your soil texture is not ideal, simply add organic matter to it. This will help to replenish the nutrients in the soil and improve its texture. You can create organic matter by decomposing your kitchen leftovers, animal manure and plants. You will need to get a compost bin to compost your own organic matter.

The Tumbleweed 200003 Rotating Compost Bin
has 58 gallon capacity and is perfect for your kitchen waste, grass, leaves or animal manure. Its steel frame design is easy to assemble and its stainless steel central helps to aerate each time it tumbles. The Tumbleweed compost bin comes with dual locking lids with 4 vents to provide oxygen to your compost. Composting with the Tumbleweed compost bin is a breeze as composting can be done as quickly as 21 days.

To see the Tumbleweed compost bin in action, click on the video below.

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Compost is at its best when it reaches the advanced stage of decomposition, where it is dark and odorless. The rampant microorganism activity encourages soil particles to clump together and form aggregates. Spaces in the soil are then created, thereby improving its drainage.

Suppose you do not have access to compost heap, an alternative to increasing the nutrient level of your soil is to use inorganic or organic fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizers are chemically manufactured inorganic salts. While inorganic fertilizers will work fine, they tend to release their nutrients too quickly. It has also been found that plants tend to develop resistance to inorganic fertilizers, thus requiring a greater amount of fertilizers to achieve the same effect over time.

Organic fertilizers are the preferred option as they are naturally created from the remains or by-product of an organism. Organic fertilizers gradually improve soil health rather than acting like steroids to quickly fix a problem.

Regardless of the soil structure, you can improve your garden soil by feeding nutrients to it. Healthy, fertile soil requires maintenance but the rewards of a good harvest will surely motivate you to work on the soil basics.

PostHeaderIcon Back Porch Compost Tumblers – Selecting the Right One

You have decided to do your part for the environment by starting to make your own compost, but you’re faced with space constraints. One of the best solutions to overcome this issue is to buy a small back porch compost tumbler. When you are deciding which compost tumbler to buy, you should consider the aesthetic aspect as well. It ought to be attractive enough to be placed anywhere without having you to consider if it will be an eyesore to others. Of course, you have to consider its durability too. You wouldn’t want to keep changing your compost tumbler just because it is not lasting.

To learn more about selecting the right compost tumbler, click on the link below:
Back Porch Compost Tumblers – Selecting the Right One

PostHeaderIcon Should You Be Composting?

A home owner can utilize a compost bin or pile to decrease the amount of trash they are discarding. An additional advantage is that they are creating fertilizer for their potted plants or vegetable garden. Given that compost bins need green food (grass clippings) and brown food (organic waste) you can gather up clippings from your yard and toss them in your bin as well.

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Should You Be Composting?

PostHeaderIcon Home Compost Tumbler – A Better Way to Compost

A home compost tumbler has several advantages over compost pile and compost bins. Home compost tumblers can be easily managed and this is good news to petite ladies who love gardening. The tumblers can be easily turned by either rolling them, spinning them on an axis, and some even have a crank or an electric motor that will turn them.

Click on the link below to find out more about home compost tumbler and why it is a better way to make compost.
Home Compost Tumbler – A Better Way to Compost