PostHeaderIcon Why You Should Plant Heirloom Seeds

Do you know why “heirloom seeds” are more superior? The term “heirloom” implies that something has been saved for many years and passed down through the generations unchanged. This is what makes a seed an heirloom; it has remained unhybridized for many (possibly hundreds) of years. Heirloom seeds are the only type of seed that you can keep for re-planting the following year. This allows you to plant a garden year after year with little to no expenditure. There is no need to ever spend money on seeds again. If you were to save hybrid seeds, they may be affected with a Terminator gene, causing them to be sterile.

Heirloom fruits and vegetables have better nutritional integrity. Most of the vegetables and fruits that we see in the grocery stores maybe grown from hybrid seeds or are GMO foods and lack the nutrients that we need. This is because fruits and vegetables are often bred to have qualities that are desirable to marketers, but compromise their nutritional content.

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Why You Should Plant Heirloom Seeds

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