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I had dinner with a friend two days ago and my friend’s five year old daughter asked me what a container garden was. Then, it dawn upon me that there might also be adults who are clueless about container garden too.

So, what exactly is a container garden?

Simply put, a container garden is nothing more than a garden of potted plants. Such a garden can be outdoors or indoors depending on the amount of space that you have. Container gardening can be an alternative for people who live in apartments where outdoor garden or yard are not available.

Building a container garden in an apartment is easy. All you need is a sunny spot and a little space where you can place your containers. It could be your window sill, kitchen or even a little corner by your living room. Once you have identified the location for your container garden, you can start thinking about the kind of plants you would like to grow.

Basically, any plants that can be potted can be planted in a container garden. Here’s where you can exercise your creativity to mix and match a variety of container plants to create color vibrancy to an otherwise cold, concrete apartment. In addition to plant types, you will also enjoy choosing the multitude colorful pots and containers of different shapes and sizes.

Plants grown in containers tend to absorb more heat and dry faster compared to those grown on the ground. Hence, if you decide to keep a container garden, you should remember to provide sufficient water for your plants to ensure a healthy indoor container garden.

Container gardens are versatile. It can be used to decorate an outdoor garden; it can also adorn the interior of an apartment and add a refreshing touch of greenery to a small space. Given its versatility, it is no wonder that container gardening is gaining popularity.

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