PostHeaderIcon Mastering The Art of Composting – Part 2

Have you identified the raw materials to be used for your compost pile? Or, have you been so eager to make compost that you have already begun composting at home? Continuing from my previous post, I will cover the rest of the factors today to help you make your best compost ever.

1. Smaller is Better
Take a close look at your raw materials. Are they small enough? It is recommended to chop your garden materials with a chipper, shredder, or lawnmower to aid in decomposition. Give the micro-organisms more surface area to munch and your materials will break down faster.

2. Size does Matter
Heat is generated in the compost pile by the activity of millions of micro-organisms. A minimum size of 3-foot by 3-foot by 3-foot is needed for a hot, fast composting pile. Piles that are any larger may hamper the air supply required in the pile for the micro-organisms.

3. Moisture and Aeration
If you can imagine a wet squeezed out sponge with its many air pockets, then this would be the ideal environment for the micro-organisms in the pile to function at their best. While your pile is composting, pay attention to the amount of rain or if a drought is on its way. Either extreme of these two may upset the balance of the pile. The use of a pitchfork would come in handy at this time.

4. Temperature and Time
The beneficial bacteria will love your compost pile if you can maintain its temperature between 110F and 160F. Neither too cool nor too hot. The temperature will increase over the days if you keep a good ratio of carbon and nitrogen, maintain a lot of surface area within a large volume of material, and keep sufficient moisture and aeration.

Now that you have learnt the secrets to making great compost, it’s time to get down working and getting your hands dirty. If you’re composting for the first time, it is perfectly alright if you still feel unsure if you’re doing it right. Just keep composting and you will get the hang of it over time.

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