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Gardening is a rewarding past time but the ants that come with gardening can sometimes be quite a nuisance. Most people would kill the ants as and when they see it. But this is really a futile effort as such ants are only about 1% of the entire colony. The best solution is to seek out the ant nest where the colony resides and eradicate them all with liquid bait.

One of the most effective treatment methods for home owners is to bait the ants that are inside the house. These ants will in turn carry the poison back to the nest, where the queen ant and the entire colony will feast on the bait and be destroyed.

You can place the bait at different locations along the ants trail. You may be tempted to kill the ants as you see them eating the bait but try not to do that. Let the ants continue with their feast and carry the poison back to their nest. Just keep adding the bait until you see no more ants. Generally, the ant activity should subside within a few days.

Sometimes, the ants might ignore the baits that you’ve placed. When this happens, just buy a different kind of bait such as liquid bait for the ants. Ants change their eating habits according to the seasons, so you should also change your baits as needed.

The above treatment method is good for solving indoor ant problem. But if you have lots of ants outdoor, you should not neglect it as they will ultimately find their way into your house too. To tackle outdoor ant issue, you should spray the outside foundation of your home with an insecticide repellant. A guide for spraying would be 2 foot up by 1 foot out, all the way around the foundation. Do remember to treat the window sills, door trims, pipes, cables and pathways too. This should preferably be done on a quarterly basis.

If there are ants in your yard, the recommended solution is to use both granules and liquid bait. Granules last for about 2-3 months and liquid baits evaporate and need to be topped up regularly. If you live in a dry and hot climate, be sure to check frequently to ensure the liquid baits have not dried up.

Always remember to use the above multi-prong approach to treat ant problem, indoor and outdoor. Regular treatment will ensure your home and garden is free from ants.

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