PostHeaderIcon Getting Your Kids To Enjoy Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Indoor container vegetable gardening is a fun and enriching hobby. Not only does it help us to have work-life balance, it can also be the bridge to bond with our family members. If you have young children at home, you can even use home gardening to teach them lessons about life.

Here are some tips that will help your little ones to be enthusiastic about indoor container vegetable gardening.


Excite your children by allowing them to choose the vegetables that they want to grow. Most kids like bright colors, so they are likely to pick plants such as the tomato or pepper. Giving your children the freedom to choose the vegetable plant will instill in their young hearts a sense of belonging for their container plants.


Do not be afraid to let your children help you with the staring seeds. Some seeds might be too small for their tiny fingers, but their digits can be of help in covering them with dirt.


Generally, most children are fond of playing with dirt or mud. Watering can be interesting to them too since they also like to play with water. If you can provide your children with kid-sized gardening tools, it will make home gardening even more fun and engaging for them.


Children tend to have limited patience and short attention span. To make their enthusiasm last till the plants grow, you can get them to create a vegetable gardening journal. Encourage them to pen down the vegetable plant’s growing process. Be creative, get them to use their imagination and draw pictures of what they think the plants will look like when it’s fully grown. You can also get your children to use a camera to document the different stages of growth.


To make vegetable gardening fun, schedule a daily gardening time for your children. Make it a habit to check on the plants daily with your children at the scheduled time. In this way, your child will notice the slightest changes if they monitor the plants everyday.

Sometimes, children can be playful and make mistakes. As adults, we should be patient with them and allow them to have freedom in running the garden. We can offer guidance and advice but we should refrain from losing patience with them, lest it dampens their interest in indoor container gardening.

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