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Hi there. I’m back from the groceries store. Just in case you happened to stumble upon my blog and wonder what’s the big deal about me being back from the groceries store, well, I was there with a mission – to buy veggies and fruit and put Clearly Fresh Bags to the test.

Clearly Fresh Bag is a resealable vegetable storage bag that looks similar to your regular ziploc bag. However, it differs in that it uses a special BreatheWay Technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. As the term suggests, BreatheWay technology allows your fresh produce to breathe naturally. With this technology, your fresh produce can create their own ideal environment within the bag, thereby naturally slowing down the ripening process and enabling the produce to last longer. I guess this is also the reason why the manufacturer recommends that you do not mix different types of produce in the same bag.

I have chosen four different types of produce to conduct this experiment – Wong Bok Cabbage, Butterhead Lettuce, Carrot and Banana.With the exception of carrot, the other three items usually do not last very long. In fact, I’ll be very surprised if the banana can last for five days.

You can see from the pictures above that the veggies and banana look deliciously fresh on Day One. I wish I could have them for my salad now but I shall wait for a few days to see if Clearly Fresh Bags do extend their storage life.

Following the instructions on the back of the packaging, I placed the four types of produce separately into individual bags. The vegetables were then stored in the veggies compartment in my refrigerator while the banana was placed on my counter top. This concludes Day 1 of my experiment with Clearly Fresh Bags.

I will be monitoring the freshness of my veggies and banana for the next few days. Do check back here regularly to get first hand updates of my experience with Clearly Fresh Bags. Talk soon.


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