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Recently, I was invited to put Clearly Fresh Bags to the test. Apio Inc, the manufacturer of Clearly Fresh Bags sent me a sample pack for review and I embarked on my experiment with four different types of fresh produce. Before I go further, I’d like to stress that I did not receive monetary compensation for this product review; my opinion are unbiased and honest.

So, what exactly is Clearly Fresh Bag? Clearly Fresh Bag is a fresh produce storage bag that promises to keep your produce fresher. It claims to be able to extend the storage life of your produce up to 50% longer. Clearly Fresh Bags come in a pack of 10 resealable bags, at a price of US$3.99. The produce storage bags look like your typical Ziploc bags, except that it has a breathable 3 inch square membrane on one side. Known as BreatheWay membrane, this hi-tech membrane creates the passageway for the right amount of oxygen inflow and much more carbon dioxide outflow. This ensures the environment within the bags is kept at optimum, thus allowing your produce to remain fresh longer.

Each resealable Clearly Fresh storage bag measures 12″ x 14″, which is a handy size for most produce. Usage is easy – simply put your fresh produce (preferably unwashed) into the storage bag, gently push out some of the air from the bag, zip the bag and store your produce as usual.

Do note that it is recommended to place ONE type of produce in each storage bag since different produce have different environmental requirements to stay fresh. Clearly Fresh Bags can be used for all kinds of produce. It works especially well with popular fresh produce such as apples, asparagus, avocados, bananas, berries, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, mangoes, and papayas.

As part of my Clearly Fresh Bags test, I bought four types of produce and kept them for 10 days – in Clearly Fresh Bags versus regular resealable storage bags. The results are shown in the series of photographs below. The left column displays the produce at Day One while the right column shows the condition of the produce at Day Ten.

For a detailed review of my Day Ten observation, read my previous post here. You may also like to read my Day Five observation in my earlier post.

Personally, I am surprised at the outcome of my Clearly Fresh Bags test. I was rather skeptical initially with the claims of this product but I am now convinced that this product works. BreatheWay Technology does keep fresh fruits and vegetables fresh longer!

So, what do I like about Clearly Fresh Bags? Hmm…besides its proven ability to keep my produce fresh longer, I also like the handy size and tight zip closure. I love the thickness of the storage bag too, it doesn’t feel thin like some low quality storage bags. You just know you can count on it to keep your veggies fresh.

I guess you’re probably wondering if the Clearly Fresh Bags are truly that good and if there’s anything that I don’t fancy about it. Well, I think it’ll be great if Apio Inc can offer the storage bags in smaller sizes. While the current size is good for fresh produce, I would love to have a smaller size resealable bag for my cut veggies (salad) so as to retain its freshness better with minimum opening of the zip.

I hope you enjoy reading my review of Clearly Fresh Bags. If you have experienced this product, you’re welcome to share your thoughts and leave me a comment. But if you’re new to Clearly Fresh Bags, here’s your chance to try this amazing product at a discounted price.

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