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Hey, how have you been this week? I’ve been looking forward to this day, not just because it’s a Sunday but because today is Day Five of my experiment with Clearly Fresh Bags. Clearly Fresh Bag is a resealable fresh produce bag that promises to make your fresh vegetables and fruits last longer. It looks like your regular Ziploc bag except that it has a special BreatheWay membrane which performs the magic of extending the storage life of your produce. For more information on Clearly Fresh Bags, check out my earlier post here.

Five days ago, I bought four different types of produce to conduct an experiment with Clearly Fresh Bags – Wong Bok Cabbage, Butterhead Lettuce, Carrot and Banana. I had 2 sets of each produce type, of which I kept one set in a regular resealable bag and the other, in a Clearly Fresh Bag. I’m not sure about you but I was eager to see what has become of my produce, especially the banana.


Let’s talk about Wong Bok Cabbage first. As you know, Wong Bok Cabbage usually do not last long. I was rather surprised to see the Wong Bok Cabbage in the Clearly Fresh Bag still looking fresh. I could tell from the texture of the leaves that the cabbage did not lose much moisture. While the Wong Bok Cabbage in the regular resealable produce bag may look about the same in the picture, the underside of the cabbage was actually showing marginal signs of oxidation, with some parts of the leaves having black marks.

The Butterhead lettuce in the Clearly Fresh Bag looks green and feels supple even after five days. Likewise, the moisture in the veggie is well-maintained. I believe the credit should go to the BreatheWay membrane that allows the right amount of oxygen to flow in while enabling much more outflow of carbon dioxide. On the contrary, the Butterhead Lettuce in the regular resealable bag appears to be losing its color. Although it is not turning yellow yet, you could see that its leaves are less green. A closer examination of the edge of the leaves shows early signs of rotting.

Carrots are pretty hardy vegetables, hence you do not see much difference between the two carrots in the picture. After all, it has only been five days. Nonetheless, looking at how the other two vegetables fare, I’m sure some changes are taking place within the carrot although it is not yet visible to the naked eye.


The most interesting observation has to be the bananas. I have said previously that I would be very surprised if the bananas can last for five days. Well, the banana in the Clearly Fresh Bag did last for five days. Yes, it looks more ripe than 5 days ago but it is not soft like the other banana. As seen from the picture, the banana in the regular resealable bag has become too ripe and its skin is showing quite a lot of black marks. Besides, the texture is so soft that I wouldn’t even think of eating it.

The veggies are now back in the refrigerator while the bananas are on the counter top. I will continue to monitor and bring you updates on Day Ten. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


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