PostHeaderIcon Clearly Fresh Bags – Can They Extend The Storage Life of Fresh Produce?

Recently, I was invited to review Clearly Fresh Bags – a fruit and vegetable storage bag that promises to keep your fresh produce up to 50% longer and fresher. I was looking forward to receive the product sample, which arrived at my mailbox few days ago.

Clearly Fresh Bags come in a pack of 10. Each of these resealable bags measures 12” x 14”. The produce bags look pretty much like your regular Ziploc bags except that it has a breathable 3 inch square membrane on one side, known as the BreatheWay membrane. This membrane covers a small round circle hole that is being cut on the film of the resealable bag. At first glance, this membrane looks like a normal sticker to me and it’s hard to imagine that this is the magic that works wonder to extend the shelf life of your veggies and fruits.

According to the information on the official website , the BreatheWay membrane acts as an Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide passageway to allow the right amount of oxygen in and much more carbon dioxide out. This unique BreatheWay technology allows fresh fruits and vegetables to create their own ideal atmosphere to maximize its storage life.

Clear instructions on usage of the Clearly Fresh Bags are provided on the back of the product package. There are 4 simple steps as outlined below:

1. Put fresh, dry, un-cooked fruit or vegetables into the bag. For best results, put each produce type in its own bag – for example, apples in one bag and bananas in another.

2. Gently push out some of the air form the bag.

3. Zip the top of the bag closed.

4. Store your produce as usual.

Apio Inc, the manufacturer of Clearly Fresh Bags states that the resealable storage bags are highly effective with popular fresh produce such as apples, asparagus, avocados, bananas, berries, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, mangoes, and papayas.

Storing vegetables and fruits can be quite a headache for me at times. I love my greens and tend to buy lots of them for convenience reasons. But I have a confession to make – I often had to discard some of these vegetables because they had turned bad before I could even eat them. I’ll be very excited if the Clearly Fresh Bag can indeed prolong the storage life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’m going to run to the groceries store now to grab some fresh produce and put Clearly Fresh Bags to the test. Over the next few days, I will bring you updates and share my experience with this resealable storage bag.

Stay tuned and look out for my next post.


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