PostHeaderIcon Clearly Fresh Bags – Are My Produce Still Edible? (Day Ten)

It’s been ten days since I started my experiment with Clearly Fresh Bags. Clearly Fresh Bags are much like your regular resealable produce storage bags except that it has a 3 inch breathable membrane that is supposed to extend the freshness of your produce up to 50% longer. If you’ve missed my earlier posts, you can read more about Clearly Fresh Bags here.

To recap, I have bought four different types of produce and placed a set of each produce in a regular resealable storage bag and a Clearly Fresh Bag. The vegetables were then stored in the refrigerator while the bananas, on the counter top. I checked on them five days ago and found the result to be encouraging. Read more about my Day 5 review here.

Now that it’s Day Ten, it’s time to review my produce again.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Banana. There is such a stark contrast between the banana in the Clearly Fresh Bag versus the one in the regular resealable bag. Without Clearly Fresh Bag, the banana ripens rapidly and turned black by Day Ten. The banana was extremely soft, I’m sure even the monkeys wouldn’t be interested in it. In comparison, the banana in the Clearly Fresh Bag remains yellow in color although it has also developed black spots on its skin by now. Come on’, it’s been 10 days since I first bought it! You’re supposed to eat your bananas fresh and not keep it for souvenir, right?

The Butterhead Lettuce in the Clearly Fresh Bag looks green even on Day Ten. The outermost layer of leaves may be a little soft but those leaves within still retained its moisture relatively well. Will I eat the Butterhead Lettuce? Yes, I’ll simply peel off the outer layers and have the rest of it in my salad bowl. How about the one in the regular resealable bag? Errh… I probably wouldn’t eat it as the edges of the leaves are already rotting. Moreover, the leaves are also turning yellowish and soft. It’ll be a waste of my effort chewing the veggies if the nutrients are already lost.

Looking at the Wong Bok Cabbage here, you might think there isn’t much difference between the two. I thought so too till I looked at the underside of the veggie. Five days ago, I remarked that the cabbage in the regular resealable bag has begun to shown some black marks. The bad news is, those marks have turned darker and there are new ones appearing too. In contrast, the Wong Bok Cabbage in the Clearly Fresh Bag has lesser black marks; its texture also remains crunchy. I would say the condition of the cabbage isn’t too bad, considering that I’ve been keeping it for 10 days.

Finally, let’s talk about the Carrot. Carrots, being hardy vegetables, did not exhibit much visible differences after 10 days of storage. Generally, both carrots still look and feel fresh but on closer examination, the carrot in the regular resealable bag seems to have a dryer texture on the surface. It is still edible but I don’t think it’ll be as sweet and crunchy as the other carrot in the Clearly Fresh Bag.

I have personally reviewed the Clearly Fresh Bag without receiving monetary compensation. My thoughts and opinions of this product are honest and unbiased. If you have used this product before, you are welcome to share your experience too. Feel free to leave me a comment.


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