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Looking at how nature is being treated these days, we should start educating our children at a young age, to love and appreciate Mother Nature so that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits and beauty of nature. What better ways than to start by getting children to be involved in gardening?

Consider the following benefits that children can gain from gardening:


In hands-on gardening, children can have first hand experience of taking care of plants and understanding its importance to the macro environment. Besides, they also get to learn how human intervention can have a positive or negative impact on the environment. Science comes alive and makes learning more fun and exciting for the children.


Many life lessons can actually be taught simply through gardening. As a child watches the growth of a seed into a full-grown plant, they will learn to love their plants and appreciate the life in them. Gardening also teaches children how they should treat life – with care and love. The basic essentials to live can be emphasized to kids with the help of gardening – water, sunlight, air, soil. These necessities are similar to basic human needs for water, shelter, air and food. By simply weeding out, one could educate how bad influences should be avoided in order to live life smoothly.


The relaxation brought about through gardening is not exclusive to adults but is also applicable across all age groups. It is said that gardening may even be used as a form of therapy for children from broken families as well as children who have been abused. Gardening helps to build one’s self-esteem.


Gardening can be a time for you to bond with your family. You can share the joys of gardening with your children by watering the plants together or simply working quietly next to each other. Who knows, you might even make new discoveries about your children and get to understand them better.

Gardening is a great way for kids to become conscious of their environment’s needs. Furthermore, you get to teach them to respect life even as you bond with them. So, get your kids started on gardening today and enjoy the process of learning and discovery together.

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