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I often hear people say that they like greenery in the home but they don’t know how to take care of plants. Looking after green plants is supposed to be a relaxing activity, it shouldn’t add on to your stress and anxiety. Here are some pointers for your consideration when caring for your home garden.

1. Watering
Water is life to green plants, regardless if you’re planting vegetables, flowers or foliage plants. Always ensure that your plants are well-watered. It is recommended that you purchase the one with a narrow spout to ensure adequate watering. But how do you know if your plant needs more water? Simply use the finger test to check if the soil is moist or soaking wet.

2. Lighting
Different types of plants require different amount of sunlight. Plants like Sanseveria and Aspidistra require no shade and can be placed away from a window. However, if you are planting tomatoes indoor, do ensure that your tomato plants get sufficient sunlight. If your indoor lighting is not ideal, you can use artificial lights like fluorescent tubes.

3. Temperature
Indoor plants can survive in temperatures a little bit higher than 15 – 25 degree Celsius or 55 – 75 degree Fahrenheit. Avoid drastic fluctuations of temperature as it is not good for your plants.

4. Humidity
Some houseplants require a humid environment. One tip to maximize humidity is to put the pot inside a larger pot and fill in the gaps with stones or compost to keep in the moisture. The compost will not dry out. Plants are capable of creating their own climate if grouped together. This tip can also be used for keeping the soil moist. You can also spray them with water once or twice a day depending on the day’s temperature.

5. Re-potting
At times, plants require repotting for optimum growth but some plants may not be suitable for this idea. For example, plants that still have relatively small root system would not want their roots to be disturbed. One way to check if your plant needs repotting is to turn it upside down. Tap the pot to release the plant and check its roots. If roots are all you see, then it’s time to re-pot.

Caring for your green plants is not that difficult if you know what to do. Do not be discouraged if your plants are not yielding the results you expect. One of the joys of gardening is the discovery of ways and means to make your plants thrive. It is an ongoing learning process where you can’t help but only get better at it over time.

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