PostHeaderIcon Planting Garlic In Containers

Garlic is one of Mother Nature’s best gifts to us. Not only is garlic full of medicinal benefits, it is also affordable and easy to grow, even in containers. For generations, garlic has been considered the ‘miracle drug’ because of its ability to cure several ailments. Some of these include snakebites, ulcers, headaches, pimples, measles and the more serious conditions like cancer and heart diseases. Garlic has also been used for prevention of infections (think common cold and cough) due to its anti-bacterial properties.

With so many health benefits, it is no wonder garlic is also one of the most planted plants in container vegetable gardening. In planting garlic, it is recommended to use containers that are 10 inches deep. Besides the container depth, what other factors will contribute towards the success of your gardening efforts? Watch the video below to discover more tips in planting garlic in containers.


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