PostHeaderIcon Watering Your Vegetable Garden Plants

One of the most common questions in vegetable gardening or any form of gardening is, how often should I water my plants? If there is excessive watering and the drainage system is not good, the stagnant water in the container can cause the roots to rot. On the other hand, if there is insufficient water, the plants can dry up easily as container plants absorb heat much faster than a ground garden plant. So, how should we determine the amount of water needed for the plant?

First, you have to determine if the soil is moist or wet. Ideally, it should stay moist but not soaking wet. To test the moisture level, you can use a stick or your finger (if you don’t mind) and stick it into the soil. If it is dry deep down, it’s time to water your plants. On the other hand, if the soil is still moist on the top or just below the top, you can water it the next day.

I hope this small tip will help you in growing your veggie garden well.

Talk again and happy gardening 🙂

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