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Container gardening is fast gaining popularity across the world. Gardeners simply love its versatility. You can either use the potted plants to decorate your outdoor garden or place them at your window sills or planters if you live in an apartment.

If you are contemplating to set up your own container garden, here is some advice on where to begin with:

First, you need to have an idea where you want to put your container garden. If your apartment comes with a small yard space, you can put your container plants there. Or, if you have a balcony in your apartment, you can use it for your container garden. However, if you have neither, you can still set up a container garden in your home. Just look for any spot at home where the sunlight can reach. Examples would be window sill, kitchen window or even living and study areas. Nonetheless, if space is really a constraint, you might want to consider getting a wrought iron shelf that can accommodate more potted plants to build your container garden.

Sunlight is vital to the growth of indoor plants. While you ensure your container plants get ample sunlight, you will also have to take care that they do not get full exposure to the sun at noontime. As container plants absorb more heat, they tend to dry up faster, hence direct exposure to the mid day sun will do more harm than good to your plants.

If you enjoy eating vegetables, you might want to plant your own container vegetable plants. Tomato is one of the easiest indoor vegetable plants to grow for beginners. Besides tomatoes, other vegetables like onions, peppers and herbs are also equally popular. If vegetables are not your cup of tea, you can also opt for flowering plants.

Ensure that your container garden has good drainage system. Excessive water in the soil can cause the roots to rot. Yet, insufficient water can cause the plant to dry up. One way to test the moisture level of soil is to use a stick or your finger to stick into the soil. If it is dry deep down, you’ve got to water your plants. On the contrary, if the soil is moist on the top or just below the top, you can hold off watering till the next day.

Cultivating a container garden can be both fun and rewarding. Besides, it also helps us to de-stress and achieve work-life balance.

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