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Ask 100 people who grow their own tomatoes whether they grew them from seeds or from seedlings and you will find that the majority will answer seedlings.  Many people are not confident with growing from seed, yet it can be just as rewarding, if not more so, than using small seedlings. With the right timing and technique, you can easily grow tomatoes from seeds at home.

The trick to growing from seeds is temperature, humidity, nutrition and light. First of all you need to check when the last frost is likely to be in your local area. Most comprehensive weather reports will give you this information. Plant the seeds around 8 weeks before that date and keep them warm in your house.

Always use a “starter” seedling potting mix because it will usually already contain the right nutrient balance and be finely sieved to ensure the little seeds can push through the soil and germinate properly.  Pot them as you would any other seed – an inch below the surface of the soil in a small pot or seedling tray.

Make sure that you mist spray them every day and keep the soil at around 27C (80F) to encourage growth. Ensure they receive at least 5 hours sunlight per day.  Popping them on the window sill works well.

Once you see the first 3 or 4 leaves, it’s time to gently prick the tiny plants out of the starter pot and place each one into its own separate larger pot to encourage root growth.   You can start placing them outside for several hours per day to harden them up. When the last frost has passed it’s time to transplant them into your prepared garden bed or final pot.

It really is that simple to grow the most delicious tomatoes from seed, and the tastiest ones of all are the heirlooms. There are quite a few online seed sellers who specialize in providing heirloom seeds.  Further details of the thousands of delicious heirloom varieties and seed sellers are available here.

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