PostHeaderIcon Grow Bags – What’s so good about them?

Container gardening appeals to gardening enthusiasts, whom stay in apartments or small spaces. Besides the usual containers that we commonly see at the nursery, grow bags is another good alternative to grow your favorite vegetable or flower plants.

Aesthetically, grow bags or growing bags may not be as pleasing to the eye, however, they are more versatile and economical than most containers. Due to its light weight, grow bags are highly suitable for use on patios, balconies and terraces. Perhaps, you will change your perception about grow bags when you see its other advantages below:

Advantages of Grow Bags

  • With grow bags, there is no need for soil digging or preparation. Using grow bags is certainly a time-saver for people who loves gardening but have limited time.
  • Compost is generally clean, disease-free and pest-free. This is truly good news for you if you are like me and don’t enjoy handling compost.
  • It is possible to have a good yield if the plants are well irrigated and fed.
  • Grow bags are portable; hence they are easily transported home and stored for future use.
  • Recyclable grow bags allow you to be eco-friendly while saving money.

How to Prepare a Grow Bag for Use

  • Always clean the exterior of the bag, and then loosen the compost by shaking the bag before placing it on a flat surface.
  • Follow the instructions and cut out the holes according to the pre-marked indicators on the bag.
  • Pierce some drainage holes on the bags.
  • Water the compost and allow excessive water to be drained before putting your plants into the grow bag.
  • Place the bag on a board or pallet base and have it elevated from the ground to prevent garden pests like slugs and snails.

What Should You Plant in a Grow Bag

  • Grow bags are perfect for plants that don’t have deep roots. Examples include tomatoes, lettuces, chilli peppers and cucumbers.
  • If you are using a standard grow bag, you can plant eight lettuces in a bag. For tomatoes, go for three to four young plants within a bag.
  • Garden herbs also grow well in grow bags and you can conveniently place them near the kitchen door or windowsill.
  • Grow bags are good for planting flowers too. Besides, you have the flexibility to re-position them easily within your home as your mood changes.


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