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Gardening is a bit like conducting a science experiment – you never know what’s going to work and it can often take a bit of luck to get your vegetables blooming. That said there are some tools that will really make a difference. Indeed, picking up something like a cultivator will make it much easier to get great results.

Cultivators work by churning up soil with tines – this provides aeration and also mixes up nutrients. It is a great thing to do when you are starting a new plot or struggling to reinvigorate one that has had some trouble in recent days. If you have an indoor greenhouse this will work great, however, cultivators are far too big to use on potted vegetables – you can get the same effect by using any tool with tines and mixing up the soil thoroughly.

A good set of sharp trimming scissors is another great tool. Some indoor vegetables need careful pruning to grow well – a poor set of scissors will cause damage and prevent you from making precise cuts. Get a nice pair of purpose built gardening trimmers and use them to keep everything looking nice.

You should also look into picking up an irrigation tool – you can buy something like the Rumford Indoor Coil Hose which will let you easily and quickly water all your vegetables in an even manner. Of course a watering can is almost as good, but the coil hose is a bit more fun.

These three tools will help you take good care of your indoor garden. It’s very important to give your vegetables a lot of attention on a day-to-day basis – these tools will help you do this easily and effectively.

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