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Now that you have set up your container garden, how should you care for it to ensure a thriving and beautiful container garden?

Although most plants can survive being potted, it is important to note that potted plants tend to dry up easily compared to ground-planted plants. This is because potted or container plants tend to absorb heat faster and in greater intensity. Therefore, it is critical to have generous and regular watering for your container plants. Ideally, they should be watered once to twice a day. While it is important to keep the soil moist, you should also conduct regular checks to ensure the soil is not soggy. Excessive water in the soil can cause the plant roots to rot. This is where drainage holes in your pots play an important role.

Regular loosening of the soil is another tip to maintain your container garden. Loosened soil helps to promote air circulation and prevent disease-causing bacteria from thriving in the soil mix. Often, soil mix is a better option than garden soil for container plants. We should not overlook the importance of fertilizers in container gardening. Adding fertilizers to your plants occasionally can do wonders to your container garden.

As your potted plants grow bigger, you must be prepared to transplant them into bigger pots. Plant roots need room for expansion in order to grow strong and healthy roots. When transplanting your plants to new pots, take care not to damage the roots in the process. If you are unsure about the types of containers and pots or the transplant procedure, you can always seek advice from your neighborhood nursery.

While ample sunlight is important, you should avoid exposing your container garden to direct, full mid day sun since potted plants tend to dry faster. On the contrary, if your container garden is planted indoor without much sunlight, you can make it up by using artificial lights like fluorescent lights.

Container gardening may seem daunting to beginners initially. Nonetheless, with a little patience and love, anyone can enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of growing a thriving container garden.

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