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PostHeaderIcon 6 Must Have Gardening Tools

To be successful with any tasks, you must first have the right tools to get the job done. With so many gardening tools at the nursery, you may be feeling confused, not knowing which tools you should buy. Gardening should be a relaxing activity, the last thing you want is to be frustrated or stressed up over what to buy or where to start from. To kickstart your gardening project, you need not have to burst your wallet. There are a few basic gardening tools that you need to get things started.

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6 Must Have Gardening Tools

PostHeaderIcon Plastic Garden Planters

Planters are not just for indoor gardeners. If you have an outdoor garden, you can also use planters for their various advantages. Planters make it a breeze when you need to move your plants around to catch more sunlight during certain times of the day. Besides the functional aspect, planters can also be an aesthetic piece in your garden. There are many different types of planters available in the nursery. Here, I’ll be focusing on plastic planters in this article.

Plastic offers strength, durability and mobility to your garden planters. They also have the added benefits of being able to deal with water and sunlight without deteriorating.

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Plastic Garden Planters

PostHeaderIcon Gardening Tools – What To Buy, How To Choose?

As with all types of work, the right tools will make your job much easier, and this fact holds true for gardening as well. Gardeners tend to have many gardening tools but some tools are definitely more useful than others and which the gardener just cannot do without.

Here are some gardening tools that will definitely make a difference to your gardening efforts.

1. Shovels

Shovels have either a round or pointed blade. They make a gardener’s job in moving soil, digging holes much easier. In selecting garden shovels, do try to get those that have a flat edge at the top of the blade. This will enable you to have better footing when using it.

2. Hoes

Weeds and gardens go hand in hand. It is almost impossible not to have weeds growing in the garden. Hoes can help you to remove weeds. You can also use hoes to loosen the soil, if necessary. When you’re shopping for a hoe, look for one that has a rolled steel blade that is riveted to the handle. Such hoes are stronger and more reliable.

Hoes with a smaller blade will allow you to get between the plants, if necessary, to eliminate the weeds.

3. Trowels

A trowel is a tool that is indispensable when you’re doing planting. Durability is key when looking for a trowel. Go for those that have a steel blade. Trowels with soft rubber handle offers better grip. It pays to get ergonomically designed trowels if you have the tendency to work long hours in your garden. Well-designed trowels will alleviate the stress off your wrist and helps to reduce strains and lethargy.

4. Rakes

Rake will help to remove all fallen leaves from your garden and also allows you to collect all the debris that gets collected in the garden. There are two types of rakes – narrow rake and wide rake. Narrow rakes are easier to maneuver between the plants, while a wide rake allows you to remove the fallen leaves much faster and easier. Hence, it is good if you own both types of rakes in your garden. Do remember to get rakes with ergonomic handles.

5. Pruners

Pruners are essential gardening tools that no gardeners can do without. Pruners do not rip or tear the plant; they are used whenever gardeners need to shape a plant. As this is an ongoing task throughout the year, you should invest in a good pruner to have a cleaner cut on your plants.

Generally, there are two types of pruners available in the market – the anvil pruners and bypass pruners. As pruners are not cheap, it is advisable to do your homework before making the purchase.

6. Garden Forks

Garden fork is the best tool for breaking up the garden soil. Garden fork differs from a pitch fork in that it is thicker and shorter. Opt for those with square tines instead of flat tines. You can even use a garden fork instead of a spade if it is of suitable size and shape.

7. Water cans

A good watering can is a necessity in every garden. Watering plants is made easier if you have a good watering can. Go for watering cans that can be easily tilted, maneuvered and balanced in your hand.

There are many different types of gardening tools but these are the more popular and essential ones. If you have these tools, you will find that gardening is so much easier and you will enjoy your hobby even more.

PostHeaderIcon Garden Tool Storage Buildings – What Are the Main Benefits?

The main benefits of using garden tool storage buildings include the fact that you can keep your lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and gardening tools away from the elements, secure from theft and out of reach from children and pets. Depending upon the type of garden machinery and tools you want storage for you will need to work out what size and type of garden building you will need in order to cover and secure it.

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Garden Tool Storage Buildings – What Are the Main Benefits?